Friday, December 19, 2008

Like a Pheonix from the ashes!

Well, ... maybe not like a Pheonix but more like a lump of coal our BMW has been resurected from abandoned pile of junk to beloved pile of junk. There have been a few requets for pictures of the BMW so here are a few.

This first shot shows the loaner hood and pimp junker companions the car lived beside for a couple years. Apparently the original hood was lucky enough to be rescued and used for another car. I don't think we will be racing with the loaner POS hood however. Either we will just race without one or figure something else out. I suggested we go ahead and chrome the engine to race without the hood but I don't think it will fit into our budget.

This next shot shows the sweet interior. It looks like we are going to have to buy some floor mats, that is part of saftey equipment right? Who ever installed the shift knob should be shot as you cannot put in your "Days of Thunder" CD without shifting into an appropriate gear. We can't wait to demo the interior. Anyone want to buy a slightly used seat or carpet? How about a mostly not working door handle?

Finally here is the money shot for all you butt finatics out there. Nothing like the tail end! The tail fin needs a little work but we are sure it will just be coming off the first time we are rear ended so perhaps we will just leave it as is.

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